How to Search in Google Docs (Find Words)

Try ⌘ + F.
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If you just need to search and find a single word or multiple words in Google Docs, press ⌘ + F.

If you want to find and replace words in your Google Doc, then we'll show you how to do that too!

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Finding a word Google Docs

To find a word (or words) in your Google Doc:

  • Press ⌘ (cmd) + F on your keyboard.
  • Type the word (or words) you're looking to find.
  • Scroll through the found words by using the arrows next to the search box.
find and replace words google docs

If you want to both find and replace words in your Google Doc:

  • Go to Edit.
  • Choose Find and replace.
  • In "Find," type the word you want to replace.
  • In "Replace with," type the word or words you want to auto-replace it with.

You can choose to replace a single instance of the word, or you can choose to replace all instance by selecting Replace all.

Find and highlight duplicate data.
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In a long list, it can be frustrating to scroll through endless items to find duplicates in Google Sheets.