How to Strikethrough Text in Google Docs: Two Ways

Just press ⌘ + shift + X.
Michael Michael (175)

You can highlight the text and press ⌘ + shift + X (cmd + shift + X).

In this guide, we'll show you both ways to strikethrough (or cross-out) text in Google Docs.

What does it mean to strikethrough text?

A piece of text with a strikethrough has a line going through it horizontally so that it looks like it's crossed-out. It's sometimes called crossed-out text.

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First, highlight the text you want strikethrough. On your keyboard, press cmd + shift + X. If it's a mac, press ⌘ + shift + X.

Strikethrough text in Google Docs

To turn on strikethrough text in Google Docs or to change text that you've highlighted:

  • Go to Format.
  • Select Text.
  • Choose Strikethrough.
Because you've accidentally opened Vim and don't know how to exit
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What is vim? Vim is a text editor. What distinguishes Vim from other text editors you've probably used is that is it is a command line text editor.