How to Make a Quiz in Google Forms

Bonus: Try out our video game history quiz!
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Between ease of use and the ability to use add-ons, there’s very little you can’t do on Google Forms. For those who don’t have the funds to buy online education software or need a quiz for contest entries, Google Forms provides users with a way to grade without the hassle. This guide will go through the steps to create a graded quiz or evaluation within Google Forms and how to create a spreadsheet to store responses!

If you’re looking to create a non-graded survey, check out our guide on how to make a survey in Google Forms!

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google forms create a quiz google drive

Go to your Google Drive storage and either create a new folder or pick the folder you wish for your quiz and its data to go.

google forms create a quiz

On the top right, click the New button and then hit the arrow beside Google Forms from the drop-down list. Choose “Blank Quiz” from the menu.

google forms create a quiz name description

Change the name of the quiz on the top left, as well as in the box above the first question. Also, make sure to add in a description, so respondents understand the topic or any other information they need to know.

google forms create a quiz change question type

Every new form comes with a multiple choice question box already provided. You can either edit it or change the type of question via the drop-down box shown in the picture above.

google forms create a quiz answer key

Click the Answer Key button on the bottom left of the question box. Now click on the correct answer(s) for the question and enter the number of points its worth (see the above image for help). If you’d like to provide an explanation to an answer, click “Add answer feedback” and enter text, link, or YouTube video!

You can even send respondents a certificate of completion through the Certify’em add-on!

Click the Done button when ready to move on.

google forms create a quiz add question

It’s very easy to add new questions in Google Forms. Click the plus (+) symbol in the sidebar to the right of the question box to add a new question. Repeat steps 4-5 until you have as many questions as you want!

google forms create a quiz make question required

If you want a question to be required, make sure to hit the switch button in the bottom right of the question box.

google forms create a quiz add section

Depending on how long your quiz is, you can add in sections of questions based on categories. Using the example shown in the photo, let’s separate some questions from the rest by clicking the bottom button in the question sidebar. Repeat steps 3 to 7 until you’re satisfied with your quiz!

google forms create a quiz settings

Click the cog wheel at the top right of the page to open up settings for the quiz. Some important settings are:

  • Under the General tab, you can choose to collect emails, limit to one response, and see summary charts after submission.
  • In the Presentation tab, you can choose to show a progress bar, shuffle question order, and edit the confirmation message that appears to respondents after submission.
  • In the Quizzes tab, you can choose when grades are released and what respondents can see, like missed questions, point values, or correct answers.

Make sure to hit Save before moving on to the next step.

google forms create a quiz spreadsheet

While you can view responses within Google Forms, it’s a good practice to create a Google Sheets spreadsheet with responses as well. Not only will it make exporting data easier, but it’s also easier to read through.

Click the Responses tab at the top of the page, then click the green Sheets icon as shown above. A window will pop up which allows you to edit the name of the spreadsheet if you’d like. Hit Create once you’re satisfied!

The spreadsheet will automatically be saved wherever the Google Form is, and it will automatically update with each new response.

google forms create a quiz share

You’re finally ready to share your quiz! Click the Send button at the top right of the page. Inside the popup, choose how you’d like to share your quiz: through email, social media, a custom link, or even embed it onto a website.

To see the example quiz in action, click here to take a short Video Game History quiz!

Congratulations on making your quiz! If you’re interested in add-ons for Google Forms that add new question types or integrations, check out our list of Add-ons for Google Forms!

A free alternative to Survey Monkey!
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Google Forms is the best free (and easy) alternative to Survey Monkey out there. Between ease of use and the ability to use add-ons, there’s very little you can’t do on Google Forms.