How To Turn On Notifications in Google Forms

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You’ve done the work, used all the right add-ons, and created a Google Form to fit your needs. Aside from sharing it to your audience, coworkers, or students, there’s one more thing you need to do.

Surprisingly, Google Forms doesn’t automatically notify the Form creator or collaborators of new responses. Which can be detrimental if a form requires quick response time from you. This guide will go through the process of turning on email notifications for Google Forms.

Note: If your form has any collaborators assigned, they will need to follow these steps individually. It only applies to the person completing the below instructions.

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Go to your Google Drive and open up the Google Form you’d like to get notifications from.

response tab google form notifications

Click the Responses button as indicated in the photo above.

turn on google form notifications

Next, click the dotted symbol, as shown in the photo, to open up a drop-down menu. Choose the first option, “Get email notifications for new responses.”

It’s as easy as that! Now, any time someone completes your form, you’ll receive an email notification in your Gmail inbox.

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Google Forms is a tool that has a variety of uses.