How to Create a Drop-Down List in Google Sheets

To create a drop-down list, you "group" the rows.
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In Google Sheets, you create a drop-down list by "grouping" the rows of your spreadsheet. We'll walk you through how to group rows in Google Sheets so that users can expand and minimize a drop-down list you've created.

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Select rows Google Sheets

Hold shift and click on the rows you want to group into a drop-down list.

Select Group Rows Google Sheets

Right-click on the highlighted rows and choose Group rows #-#.

minimize or expand a group google sheets

To minimize or expand your drop-down list in Google Sheets, click on the + or - sign on the left of the spreadsheet.

You can continue to edit the drop-down list and add more rows if necessary.

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Sheets calls this "protecting" cells.
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Google calls locking cells—"protecting" cells. And it's really quite easy to lock a cell in Google Sheets. What does it mean to lock a cell in Google Sheets?