How to Search in Google Sheets (Two Ways!)

Try ⌘ + F.
Michael Michael (179)

You can search a Google Sheet the same you would search a Google Doc, which is to say you simply press Cmd + F and enter your search term.

But just in case you need further help, we'll show you another way to find things in a Google Sheet as well.

If you want to optimize your workflow, take a moment to review the latest list of keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheets.

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Finding something in google sheets

When you press cmd + F on your keyboard, a search box will pop up on the upper-right side of your page. Enter your search term there. Google Sheets will highlight any matching terms in your spreadsheet.

Find and replace Google Sheets

If, instead, you want to search for and replace particular values or text, then you can use the find and replace function built into Google Sheets.

  • Go to Edit.
  • Choose Find and replace.

Now, input the value or phrase you want to find in the "Find" text box. Then, input what you want to replace it with in the "Replace with" text box.

  • Select Replace all.
Expand what you can do in Google Sheets!
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Google Sheets makes it easy to create data spreadsheets that can be used by a team of collaborators.