How to Sort Data in Google Sheets

Use the sort function to sort through your spreadsheet.
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In this guide, we'll show you how to use Google Sheets' sort function to sort data in a column of your spreadsheet.

What ways can data be sorted in Google Sheets?

Data or text can be sorted alphabetically (both ways) or numerically (both ways). You can also randomize data across a column, as well. In our guide, we'll show you how to do each of these.

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Right-click to of column Google Sheets

Right-click the corresponding letter of the column that you're looking to sort in Google Sheets.

Sort sheet Google Sheets

Select how you want to sort the data in the column of your Google Sheet.

  1. Sort sheet A—Z: This will sort the sheet alphabetically or from lowest to highest, numerically.
  2. Sort sheet Z—A: This will sort the sheet reverse alphabetically or from highest to lowest, numerically.
  3. Randomize range: This will randomize the given column's data (reorder randomly).

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Expand what you can do in Google Sheets!
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Google Sheets makes it easy to create data spreadsheets that can be used by a team of collaborators.