How To Use Offline Mode in Google Workspace

Get work done even without internet!
Britt Britt (65)
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Being able to work on a Google Doc while offline is a necessary feature. Whether it’s during your morning commute, traveling on an airplane, or just in a bad connection area, Google Workspace allows you to access documents even without an internet connection! The offline mode lets you edit the most recently saved version of your Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides.

This guide will show you how to use Google Workspace offline on your computer, making remote work easier than ever! If you want to customize things a step further, also consider adding dark mode to Google Chrome, to protect your eyes.

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google drive computer

Go to Make sure you’re logged into the correct account before moving forward.

settings menu google drive offline mode

In the top right corner, from the drop-down menu, click "settings" and a pop-up will appear.

google drive settings offline mode

Be sure to check the box on!

offline mode google docs drive

To the right of the document's title, you'll see "working offline" next to a crossed-out cloud icon. Any changes will be updated to the online document (of course, this works with slides and sheets as well).

To turn off online access, repeat the same process and uncheck the offline box in settings.

You can also install and turn on Google Docs Offline Chrome extension for added features! You can also install add-ons for Google Docs to up the convenience factor.

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Upgrading to Workspace just makes sense!
Odin Odin (62)

In late 2019, Google G-Suite rebranded to Google Workspace to meet the expected trend of remote work destined to increase in the coming years.