We're giving away a Retroflag GPi CASE!

One lucky fan will receive a shiny new GPi.
Zach Zach (249)
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We're giving away a Retroflag GPi CASE to one lucky howchoo fan! On Saturday, July 13th, we'll pick a random YouTube commenter who will receive a GPi. This contest is open to all fans, regardless of country.

This giveaway is for the Retroflag GPi itself -- you'll need to bring your own Raspberry Pi Zero (and everything else required). ;)

Read on for instructions on entering!

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First step to enter: Check out our GPi review/overview video (direct link):

Watch the video:

Next step: Leave a comment on the video telling us which GPi mod(s) you'd like to see most and why. (Battery mods, anyone?)

If you'd like to subscribe to us as well that's awesome, but doing so is not required for the giveaway. :)

On Saturday, July 13th, 2019 we'll choose a winner at random by replying to that user's comment and telling them that they won. Keep an eye out for that reply for redemption instructions!

Looking for more GPi goodness? Check out our GPi setup guide, setup video, and visit the gpi interest on howchoo for more Retroflag GPi guides!

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Ash Ash (343)

The Retroflag GPi Case looks very similar to the original Game Boy, but it definitely doesn't play like one. The case features a 320px x 240px full-color display and requires a Raspberry Pi Zero.