How to Adjust Your AirDrop Receiving Settings

Share and receive via AirDrop with everyone, contacts, or nobody at all!

AirDrop is a super handy Apple feature that allows Apple users to send data from one Apple device to another using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It's perfect for sending pictures, files, and other data types between Apple devices with little to no effort.

This feature is typically used to share data from contact to contact. Since, most times an Apple user is sending data to someone they know well, the recipient of that data is usually a contact. However, Apple users can also send and receive data to those that aren't in their contacts.

Alternatively, they can also chose to turn receiving off, so that other Apple devices cannot send data to their products. In this guide, I show you how to change your AirDrop receiving settings to whatever you prefer.

Open Settings

First, go to your home screen and open the Settings app.

Open General

Click "general" to get to your general settings.

Click "AirDrop"

Now, click "AirDrop" to see the sharing settings options.

Choose Your Preferred Setting

Lastly, choose the setting that fits your goal.

If you want receiving off, so that you won't recieve any AirDrop data, select "receiving off." If you only want to be able to receive data from contacts, choose "contacts only." If you want everyone to be able to AirDrop data to your device, choose "everyone."

Once you've made your choice, you are good to go use AirDrop as much as you want.

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