How to set up Focus Assist in Windows 11

Jamie Jamie (33)

We all know how distracting unwanted notifications can be, or how difficult it can be to focus on a specific task when your whole computer is at your fingertips.

Luckily Windows 11 has Focus Assist, helping even the most distracted people get work done. Here's how you can turn on Focus Assist in Windows 11 with just a few quick clicks.

Focus Assist

Focus Assist has it's own tab in your Settings, and you access it by navigating to Settings -> System -> Focus Assist.

Focus Assist

You can customize your Focus Assist in several different ways.

Turn Focus Assist Off

If you don't want to use Focus Assist, simply leave 'Off' checked.

Priority List

If you want to let a few notifications in you can customize your priority list. Check 'Priority only,' then use the link to choose which notifications to let through.

Alarms Only

If the only notifications you want to receive are alarms, make sure the 'Alarms Only' option is selected.

Automatic Rules

You can also set automatic rules! If you want Focus Assist to be active during a specific time frame you can make that happen. You can also customize Focus Assist for any presentations you're giving, playing a game, or if you're in full screen mode.

Jamie Jamie (33)

There are so many new features in Windows 11 it's almost hard to keep up with them all.