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"It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project." - Napoleon Hill

DIY baby gate

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While expecting a baby, my wife was hesitant about stairs. I said, "oh, the baby will be fine." Now that she's crawling around and climbing on everything, I'm the one worrying.

My work in progress home remodel

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This project is going to be a work in progress, and I will add pictures as I go. My wife and I bought a home recently, and a few things needed to be updated.

How to fix doors that won't close

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A common problem in older homes is that the doors just don't close very well. This can happen for several reasons, the most common being paint build up throughout the years.

DIY dog door for french door window panes

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Like most dogs, mine loves to frolic in the yard and implore the neighborhood cats to exercise; who am I to deprive her of this most basic of canine pleasures while I'm at work?I decided to install a dog door but ran into a snag when I realized that all of my exterior doors are filled with window panes -- and nobody makes a dog door the exact size of the window panes. This was an excellent opportunity to make a homemade dog door that could fit into a window pane of my french doors.For around 80 bucks, you can make your own DIY dog door that can fit in any window pane or normal door.

How to test paint for lead

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I'm getting ready to paint my 1926 bungalow and, like many people used to do for some reason, the previous owners decided to paint the brick pillars on my porch.I

DIY Cabinet feet

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Adding decorative feet to your cabinets can give them a ton of character and is super quick and easy to accomplish.

My $75 DIY fire pit

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There's nothing like a fire pit to bring friends together! I decided to make a budget-conscious fire pit and was able to accomplish the feat for about 75 bucks. Here's my build guide.

Farmhouse dinner table

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We needed a new dinner table. I wanted to learn about woodworking. This table was built using mostly hand tools and as much traditional joinery as I could figure out.

How to lay 5/4 decking

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5/4 decking looks great and is very cost effective. This guide will take you through laying and securing your 5/4 decking.

DIY massive bookcase

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This bookcase was inspired by the Ikea bookcase system called Ivar. It was heavily modified (and slightly over engineered). I will take you through my process and hopefully you'll learn something!

How to make the poor man's router

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If you do not own a router plane or a powered router, its quite simple to make a router using a chisel. You'll need a drill and a bit that's just slightly smaller than the chisel you'd like to use.