Changing ADT Safewatch Pro battery
Stop the random chiming and install a new battery in minutes.
Build your own security camera with motionEyeOS.
Raspberry Pi garage door opener mounted on wall
When I think of home automation with a Raspberry Pi, controlling my garage door is the first project that comes to mind. So I decided to build this myself.
While expecting a baby, my wife was hesitant about stairs. I said, "oh, the baby will be fine." Now that she's crawling around and climbing on everything, I'm the one worrying.
This project is going to be a work in progress, and I will add pictures as I go. My wife and I bought a home recently, and a few things needed to be updated.
Proper American Flag Disposal
Since our country was conceived, the U.S. Flag has been a symbol of our country's freedom. Our country's Flag Code provides specific guidelines for how to "retire" a damaged or worn-out American flag.
A common problem in older homes is that the doors just don't close very well. This can happen for several reasons, the most common being paint build up throughout the years.
There's a room in my old bungalow with high ceilings and extremely inadequate lighting. I use this room as an office, and it has a small loft, so the current lighting doesn't cut it.
Like most dogs, mine loves to frolic in the yard and implore the neighborhood cats to exercise; who am I to deprive her of this most basic of canine pleasures while I'm at work?
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