ios battery cycle count
This is the simplest way to see the health of your iPhone's battery. For a reminder, after 500 cycles, your battery is operating with roughly 80% of its full capacity*. *
Disabling memoji stickers
The memoji stickers in iOS are fun about once. After that, they consume way more real estate than most people want when opening the emoji panel.
Use the Universal Clipboard to copy and paste between devices
Improve voice recording quality on your iPhone in about 30 seconds.
Sometimes we wind up with too many open tabs and a bit of house cleaning is in order. Fortunately, this can be done with one action.
Maybe you’ve decided that the grass is greener on the other side, or that the darn headphone jack going away was the last straw.
Just in case someone accidentally sends a bunch of Bitcoin to the wrong address.
If you've got an iPhone with TouchID, and you're mourning the loss of the ability to unlock your phone without pressing the home button, there is hope.
Whether you bought the 16GB iPhone on a budget or you like to store thousands of pictures and songs on your phone, you will eventually need to learn how to free up some space.
Whether you've shattered your screen, broken your home button, or decided to upgrade to a fancy new iOS device, chances are you'll want your new iPhone to work like your old one.
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