In this guide, we're going to use AppleScript and a tool called osascript to display macOS notifications.
An Apple keyboard on a desk showing fn and control keys
If you're used to CTRL being the bottom left key, this guide will help you.
"I wish my MacOS apps could tap me on the shoulder until I answer." - No one ever
MacBook Pro Keyboard showing Control Strip
The Touch Bar is a neat addition to the MacBook Pro. For me, however, it's kind of annoying and I just want my normal Control Strip back rather than application-specific options.
Tired of Zoom's security issues? Get rid of it.
Connect your favorite Bluetooth device.
Uninstall software from macOS.
You clean up your desk, why not your desktop?
Every time I go to empty my Mac's trash, I have to click yet another dialog box to confirm. I find this a tad annoying, but thankfully this is an option we can control.
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