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Always show file extensions in Mac OSX

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As a website designer, I work with a lot of files -- and a lot of file types. Nothing's worse than wasting time trying to fix a problem caused by an overseen missing file extension.

How to upgrade to iOS 7

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iOS 7 is a major interface upgrade for the iPhone and iPad. Apple CEO Tim Cook described the update as being "the biggest change to the iPhone since 2007".

Securely empty trash in OS X

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This guide explains how to securely empty your Mac's trash can. This function overwrites the old data on your hard drive with a bunch of 0s, making it harder to recover.

Disable screenshot drop-shadows in OS X

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When you take screenshots of applications in Mac OS X, the system automatically adds a dropshadow. This looks great but may not be ideal for every use (for example, when building a how-to site).

Add a word to Mac's Apple dictionary

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While we were building howchoo we realized that our Macs wouldn't recognize the word. This led us to search for a way to add the term "howchoo" to our Macs' dictionaries. Here's how you do it.