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OS X is a series of Unix-based operating systems developed by Apple, Inc. The first public beta, called Kodiak, appeared in 2000. Though OS X has gone through many design iterations since its launch, its philosophies have always focused on simplicity and user experience.

I'm going to walk through the steps of making a bootable USB flash drive on Mac OS X. I'm planning to dual boot Ubuntu and OS X, so I'll begin by creating the bootable USB.

As a website designer, I work with a lot of files -- and a lot of file types. Nothing's worse than wasting time trying to fix a problem caused by an overseen missing file extension.

By default, CTRL-TAB and SHIFT-CTRL-TAB don't operate in the same way that Google Chrome tab cycling does. For example, when you press CTRL-TAB it doesn't always cycle to the next open document.

This guide explains how to securely empty your Mac's trash can. This function overwrites the old data on your hard drive with a bunch of 0s, making it harder to recover.

When you take screenshots of applications in Mac OS X, the system automatically adds a dropshadow. This looks great but may not be ideal for every use (for example, when building a how-to site).

While we were building howchoo we realized that our Macs wouldn't recognize the word. This led us to search for a way to add the term "howchoo" to our Macs' dictionaries. Here's how you do it.