Python is howchoo's favorite programming language. We believe python promotes the most organized and performant codebase possible. We also love Django so, naturally, we love Python.

Fun fact: Python's name is derived from the television series Monty Python's flying circus. It's very common to find references to Monty Python in Python tutorials.

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Python is a very popular programming language for data visualization.
In Python, comprehensions are a useful construct that allows us to create new sequences in a very concise way.
Slack has become one of the most important tools for communication in many companies, mine included.
What is PyPI, and most importantly how do I pronounce it without sounding silly?
Your First IFTTT Project: Bitcoin Price Alerts
Use IFTTT to create your own Bitcoin price alert system
If you're familiar with Python's keyword-only arguments, then you've probably wondered why the same constraint doesn't exist for positional arguments. This changes with Python 3.
Learn how to use formatted string literals in Python
While this requirement may seem rare, learning how to nest defaultdicts properly can be extremely powerful and save you from bloated and confusing initialization code.
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