There are a few reasons you might want to set up password-less login via SSH. Manual login For manual login, typing your password over and over is a pain—especially if you're doing this frequently.
This short guide will show you how to increase the system limit for file watchers in NodeJS.
It's nice to have quick access to your command history on the command line, but sometimes it's valuable to know exactly when you typed a command.
Learning vim can be quite intimidating, but it's well worth it. Once you master vim, you'll be editing text more efficiently than ever.
If you're logged into a machine, you may want to know exactly which version of linux you are using.
This short guide will show you how to list all loaded modules in Apache. This guide assumes that apache (httpd) is installed and running.
This guide will show you how to export your MySQL query as a CSV file, a common need when analyzing records or data.
This short guide will teach you how to get a word count in Unix using Bash/Terminal.
This guide will simply cover how to find a data set by its timestamp including ranges. It will apply to mysql field that are of the "timestamp" type.
Once you've created a mysql database you'll want to add users and give them rights over specific databases or tables.
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