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Always show file extensions in Mac OSX

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As a website designer, I work with a lot of files -- and a lot of file types. Nothing's worse than wasting time trying to fix a problem caused by an overseen missing file extension.

Add a text shadow using CSS3

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Text shadows are a beautiful and subtle effect for your web site. CSS3 text shadows are currently support on all versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox 3.5+, and IE 10+.

How to create a child theme in Wordpress

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Wordpress instituted the child theming system for Wordpress so that you can upgrade parent themes (i.e. twentyeleven) when updates are available for them -- without wiping out your changes.

How to build a free website

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There are a lot of free website builders, many of which are terribly difficult to use. I'm going to use WebStarts for this tutorial because I think it's the easiest to use.