SVGs are great; making them smaller makes them even greater. This guide will show you how to optimize SVGs.
In the wake of Google's announcement that it will start giving a ranking boost to full-SSL sites, many companies are converting their sites to be full-https.
Surprisingly, normal YouTube embeds are not automatically sized to the browser window as it is resized.
As a web developer, I stare at Chrome's developer tools -- particularly the Elements and Console tabs -- all day long. As a result, all light and no dark makes Zach's eyes dull and tired.
This quick shortcut avoids the need to open Developer Tools and THEN manually click on Console. This saves a bit of time and mouse-clicking.
In Internet Explorer 8, embedded YouTube videos are treated as the absolute top element, regardless of z-index.
Most people don't know that you can look up past "snapshots" of almost any website. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was formed to build an expansive Internet library.
As a website designer, I work with a lot of files -- and a lot of file types. Nothing's worse than wasting time trying to fix a problem caused by an overseen missing file extension.
Internet Explorer 8 may display a border regardless of your CSS attempts. This guide details how to remove it once and for all.
Learn how to center text in CSS.
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