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"He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist." - Francis of Assisi

Paul Sellers Mallet

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I recently received a copy of Paul Sellers' book on hand tools. In it, he describes the mallet he designed and gives some tips on reproducing it.

Walnut Plant Stand

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Why put your plant on the ground like some sort of animal when you can spend hours making a wooden plant stand?

Cedar Hot Tub Table

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This table lives outside next to a hot tub. I used cedar because it lives at a cabin in Tennessee that already has a bunch of outdoor cedar.A

DIY Cabinet feet

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Adding decorative feet to your cabinets can give them a ton of character and is super quick and easy to accomplish.

Farmhouse dinner table

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We needed a new dinner table. I wanted to learn about woodworking. This table was built using mostly hand tools and as much traditional joinery as I could figure out.

How to lay 5/4 decking

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5/4 decking looks great and is very cost effective. This guide will take you through laying and securing your 5/4 decking.

How to cut a mortise by hand

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It can be tricky to cut a mortise without the help of machines but using this method, I find I end up with mortises as clean or cleaner than what I could get with a drill.

DIY massive bookcase

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This bookcase was inspired by the Ikea bookcase system called Ivar. It was heavily modified (and slightly over engineered). I will take you through my process and hopefully you'll learn something!

How to make the poor man's router

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If you do not own a router plane or a powered router, its quite simple to make a router using a chisel. You'll need a drill and a bit that's just slightly smaller than the chisel you'd like to use.