How To Make DIY Cabinet Feet That Are Simple, Stylish, and Strong

Give your cabinets something great to stand on.
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Adding decorative feet to your cabinets can give them a ton of character and is super quick and easy to accomplish. Cabinet feet add a sense of style and symmetry to the overall look of your cabinet design. They can transform the lower-half of your kitchen into an old-world Parisian kitchen or a contemporary, modern one.

Types of cabinet feet

When deciding on the cabinet feet you want, think about the overall look and feel you're going for in your kitchen. There are some cabinet feet like tapered that go great in just about any kitchen setup; while others, like metal fit better in a more modern design. And generally, the more decorative style feet, like bun feet or tulip feet work best in an old-world style kitchen.

For this guide, I'll be showing you how to make a tapered leg design that's easily customizable to match your own kitchen style.

Dewalt miter saw ×1
Tape MeasureTape Measure ×1
trim nailertrim nailer ×1
rubber mallet ×1
1" wood board ×1
pencil ×1
round can ×1

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Cut the end of your piece on a 45 degree miter. 1" lumber works great for this job.

Mark 2 3/4" from the end.

Mark 2 3/4" from the edge of the board.

Then mark 1 1/8" from each end.

Using an object with a desirable radius (WD-40 can works perfectly), mark the arc on your piece.

Make a jigsaw cut down your arc.

Cut the straight lines. Be careful and prudent. Safety is important.

Make a mirror image of that piece.

I used glue, a trim nailer, and some blocking to make them very strong.

Cut the feet to length and tap them in carefully with a rubber mallet. In some places, I added a small dab of glue to the floor to keep the feet in place.

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