How to get rid of weeds between pavers

John John (304)
15 minutes

I've been using pavers on my property for many different purposes - primarily walkways and patios. I usually put down a foundation of limestone, lay the pavers, and then put sand in between the cracks of the pavers to secure them. Unfortunately, this is a perfect growing medium for weeds. Thankfully, you can remove these weeds greenly with the use of boiling water -- quickly, easily, and without the need for pesticides.

Large pot ×1
stove ×1
Water×1 gallon
Salt ×1 cup
vinegar ×5 cups

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Bring the water, vinegar, and salt to a boil.

Pour the mixture over the pavers making sure the boiling water reaches all of the problematic areas. You'll want the water to go down into the cracks of the pavers reaching the base of the weeds.

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