How to Add Fonts to Illustrator

Add any font you want to Illustrator.
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Adobe has made the font installation process easier than before with the latest edition of Illustrator. As long as they're installed on your machine, the fonts are automatically added to applications like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Essentially, all you need to do is install the font to your computer and reboot for Illustrator to recognize it.

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locate font

If you haven't already, determine what font you want to install. Then, download the installation files and locate them on your computer.

Need help finding that font?

Here are a couple of pointers to help you find the right font.

Determining a font

If you've found an awesome font somewhere, but you don't know its name—then see our guide to find out what font is being used.

Serif or Sans Serif?

What does that even mean? Good news! We've got guides to show you the differences between serif and sans serif fonts and help you pick the right one!

Places to download fonts

There are a variety of websites that offer free fonts legally. Here are just a few:

While there are many other sites with free fonts, I'd be careful with any site that does not feel legit or asks for your information.

Windows 10 Font install

Windows 10 users can double-click the font to begin the installation process. The OS will walk you through completing the install.

For MacOS users, you're in luck. We have a complete guide to adding fonts on a Mac that you can follow. In short, you need to open the Font Book app and choose Add Font to start the installation. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

Illustrator Fonts

If Illustrator was open during the font installation, close it.

Open Illustrator and choose your font from the font list.

If your font still isn't listed, you may need to restart your machine.

If it still doesn't appear, try using a different font to see if the issue persists.

There's more than one way to draw a cat.
Ash Ash (354)

Drawing in Illustrator is a broad concept. There are so many tools available that you can use to create graphics, the best we can do is recommend a few basic ones to help you get started.