How to Rename an iMovie Library

This is an easy one!
Zach Zach (249)
5 minutes

This short guide will show you how to rename your library in iMovie. This is especially useful if you maintain multiple iMovie libraries -- for example, one on an internal and one on an external hard drive.

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Double-click your iMovie Library.imovielibrary file to open it in iMovie.

Select any project

Open any project like you would normally do for editing.

Rename your iMovie Library

In the sidebar under the LIBRARIES heading, click your library name once (the default library name is iMovie Library).

Wait a few seconds and then click it a second time. You will now be able to edit the name. Type the new, desired name (for example, External iMovie Library) and press your Enter key.

You're all done!

Move your iMovie projects between libraries with ease!
Zach Zach (249)
5 minutes

This guide will show you how to move an iMovie project to another Mac or to an external hard drive.