Adobe InDesign is a desktop software application used for creating and laying out projects like flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books for distribution in print or online. The industry-standard for publishing design, InDesign is used by graphic artists, marketing and publishing professionals.

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How to Resize an Image in InDesign
There are two options for resizing in InDesign: the easy way and the precise way.
How to Change Pixels to Inches in InDesign
From Picas to Pixels to Inches and more. This guide will show you how.
How to insert an image in indesign
Knowing how to insert images is an essential skill for indesign work. We can show you how!
How To Wrap Text in InDesign
When you're looking to insert that sweet image into a block of text...
iPhone on Book of Fonts
Really love that font you found in a book or website? Learn how to tell what it is.
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