How to Change Pixels to Inches in InDesign

From Picas to Pixels to Inches and more. This guide will show you how.
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InDesign uses "picas" as its default measurement for new documents. Many graphic designers will need to switch to "pixels" for projects. While publishers may want to use "inches" for laying out a book.

This guide will show you how to easily switch between the various measurement types in InDesign.

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Unit & Increments Adobe InDesign

Click InDesign in the top toolbar.

Go to Preferences and click Units & Increments....

Units & Measurements InDesign Changing to Inches from Pixels

Using the drop-down arrows for the Horizontal and Vertical measurements, choose the type of measurement you would like to use in the document.

Click Okay.

We can't help you write one, but we can help you lay it out!
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So you've written that book and want to self-publish it using InDesign? Maybe you're starting a small press and looking to layout your first book?