How to Preview in InDesign

Press "W" to easily switch from Preview to Normal screen mode.
Michael Michael (179)

At some point, your project will get so complex with placed images and text that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. I'm going to show the easiest ways to change to "Preview" mode and see just the document itself.

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Preview Mode InDesign

Pressing W on your keyboard will switch between "Preview" and "Normal" mode in InDesign.

Screen Mode to Preview in InDesign

While pressing W is the easiest way, I want to show you how to access the View menu, as you're likely new to InDesign. From the View menu, you can make other changes to how your document appears on your screen.

(An important option to note is Display Performance, which changes how much processing speed it requires for your computer to display the document preview. A lower setting will make your image blurrier but easier to display, for example.)

  • Go to View in the top toolbar.
  • Go to Screen Mode.
  • Select either Preview or Normal.
Drawing a triangle can be tricky for novice InDesign users.
Michael Michael (179)
2 minutes

It's not immediately clear how to draw a triangle in InDesign, nevermind a perfect or right triangle!