How to Change Your Instagram Font

Who doesn't want to stand out on Instagram? A font change can help you do just that!
Michael Michael (175)
5 minutes

While Instagram makes it hard to change your username font, the rest of your Instagram profile is fair game for font changes—including your Instagram bio. We'll walk you through the process of adding a keyboard to your iPhone that's Instagram-ready.

So get ready to select that perfectly subtle font variation to add class to your Instagram profile. Or go crazy and make your profile stand out!

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Lingojam Fonts for Instagram

Head over to Lingojam's Fonts for Instagram tool.

This is nearly the same converter we described in our guide on changing your Twitter font.

In a new tab or window, open up your Instagram page.

Changed Profile Font Text in Lingojam

You can choose to copy and paste your entire bio into the box, if you only want to use one of the new fonts.

If you'd like to use multiple fonts, however, then you'll need to do this in stages like I did to achieve the profile text at the beginning of the guide. (Simply repeat step 2, step 3 and step 4 for each portion of the text in a new font.)

Highlighted font in Lingojam

Highlight the font you want to use and copy the text.

Bio with Changed font in Instagram

Paste the highlighted text into your Instagram profile or bio. It should appear as the new font.

Instagram bio with new fonts

In order to achieve the kind of effect you see here, you'll need to copy and paste your Instagram bio in stages.

Submit button on Instagram profile

Don't forget to click "Submit" to save your new profile!

When you need to type in another language or use a 3rd party keyboard.
John John (304)
1 minute

In the latest versions of iOS, the emoji keyboard comes preinstalled, so many people haven't had to add a keyboard to their iPhones in a while.