How to Add a Keyboard to Your iPhone

When you need to type in another language or use a 3rd party keyboard.
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In the latest versions of iOS, the emoji keyboard comes preinstalled, so many people haven't had to add a keyboard to their iPhones in a while. But there is a whole world of 3rd-party keyboards, such as the font converters used to change your Twitter font or change your Instagram font. Or maybe you need to have a keyboard for another language like Chinese or Russian.

Here's how to get a new keyboard installed on your iPhone.

iPhoneiPhone ×1

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iPhone Settings

Find the Settings app on your iPhone and select it.

General in iPhone Settings

Scroll down and click General.

Keyboard in iPhone

Scroll down again and click Keyboard.

Keyboards in General iPhone

At the top of the screen, click Keyboards.

Add New Keyboard in iPhone

Scroll down past your already installed keyboards and click Add New Keyboard.

list of keyboards iphone


You'll have the option to install any supported third-party keyboards, such as the keyboard here for the "Momento" app.

Other iPhone Keyboards

Most of these will be keyboards for specific languages. Scroll through these and select the keyboard you want to install.

  • Once you select a keyboard, you'll be redirected back to the list of installed keyboards. Your new keyboard should now appear as a keyboard installed on your iPhone.
Newly Installed keyboard iPhone

Click on the globe symbol at the bottom-left of your keyboard to switch between the different keyboards you have installed.

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