The Best MagSafe Accessories for the iPhone 12 So Far (2021)

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The MagSafe feature for the iPhone 12 is still so new that there relatively few accessories available that support it. That's okay. We're looking forward to seeing all the cool accessories that product designers are going to come up with for the new iPhone 12's MagSafe backing.

Until then, there are still some great options for MagSafe accessories that you can buy right now that will help you make that brand new iPhone 12 your own!

Apple MagSafe ChargerApple MagSafe Charger ×1
Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafeApple Leather Wallet with MagSafe ×1
Apple MagSafe Leather CaseApple MagSafe Leather Case ×1
Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro with MagSafeBelkin Car Vent Mount Pro with MagSafe ×1

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We're starting with the first and most important accessory you'll want to pick up for your new iPhone 12—the official Apple MagSafe Charger! Apple has been trying to figure out a way to reduce the damage done to your phone through constant plugging in/out of the charger. Well, they think they may have finally found it.

Why You Need It

The iPhone 12 is the first time that Apple is not bundling a charger with the iPhone itself. They claim this is to reduce electronics waste, which sounds noble enough. But that means you'll have to purchase your charger separately. If you want to make sure of the newest MagSafe technology in the iPhone 12, then you'll want one of these chargers for sure.

For years I've been trying to cut down on the size of my wallet. I'm tired of having a big bulky thing with me in my pocket all the time! Now's the time to condense what I'm carrying into a few select cards in this great leather MagSafe wallet from Apple.

Why You Need It

It turns your iPhone into the only thing you need to carry around with you. The idea of technology and Apple's ongoing philosophy is that technology should both supplement your life but also make it easier. That's the design principle behind this Apple MagSafe Wallet. It also just looks really great and can be customized for a nice-looking color combination. A definitely essential MagSafe accessory!

Why you need it

Do we really need to tell you why you need a case for your ~$1,000 investment? You've been buying cases for your iPhone way before Apple released the MagSafe versions. With the new MagSafe accessories, cases are actually going to feel different.

  • For one, with this MagSafe case, you can easily snap on and snap off the case. (Remember how hard it was to get that darned case off!)
  • We like the leather version for both its safety and look with the new leather wallets.

There are other official Apple cases to check out, as well:

This is the latest car vent mount made specifically for the new MagSafe iPhone 12s. It combines the strength of the magnets with a MagSafe accessory with the convenience of having your phone handy in your car.

Why you need it

What's your phone situation right now in your car? Is your phone fumbling around in some cup holder, sometimes falling down to the floor, or making you unsafely reach across the seat to find it? Yeah...that's why you should have a nice, easy to use setup like a MagSafe accessory attached to your car vent.

Will it block my airflow?

Sure. A little. But overall, you shouldn't notice much of a difference. And first!

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