How to Delete Apps on an iPhone

Deleting has never been easier
Tayler Tayler (75)
1 minute

Do you have a bunch of apps downloaded onto your phone, taking up valuable space on your phone? It's okay - I did, too before I sat down to clear up some space when my memory was nearly full.

Now I don't have an abundance of extra space and my home screen looks nice and tidy. With this guide, I'll show you how to get rid of all of those unwanted apps on your iPhone. I'll be demonstrating on my iPhone 8.

Keep in mind, there are other ways to clear up space, if you have already cleared all the apps you don't use. For example, clearing out the Safari cache and website data or go through an entire process of freeing up iPhone storage. However, apps are a good place to start because they take up tons of space.

Grab that phone of yours and let's begin!

If you aren't looking to clear up space or delete apps, but just want a cleaner looking home screen or more privacy, try hiding apps on your iPhone home screen!

iPhoneiPhone ×1

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iPhone home screen
Isn't my background out of this world?

Do this by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen and releasing quickly. If you're using a non-full screen model, hold your finger against the home button, which will bring you to the main menu of your phone.

iPhone app home screen
My soon-to-be-deleted app circled here.

Find the app on your phone that you want to delete.

I have everything organized on my phone under menus which helps me maintain peace of mind when I'm actually on my phone.

iPhone 3D touch menu option

Once you have your app in sight, hold your finger against the screen for exactly one second. This will activate the 3D touch menu which gives quick access for app options.

Different apps have different menus depending on the app type, but they'll all have the same basic layout.

iPhone delete app screen

The option to Delete App will be at the bottom of every menu, regardless of app type. It will also be written in red.

Select this option by pressing it, which will prompt a pop-up screen that gives you the option to either delete the app or cancel.

What's next? You guessed it! Select delete by tapping the Delete button which removes the app from your phone's immediate memory.

This action will not affect deleting data in your iCloud, which means any data that you've allowed your iCloud to backup will be preserved there.

iPhone home screen
Looking nice and organized with one less app!

And voila! You can enjoy your phone with one less app cluttering your memory or home screen space.

Happy deleting!