How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on an iPhone

Set up Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone to avoid spotty cellular calls!
2 minutes

Similar to allowing calls on other devices, Wi-Fi calling is yet another great feature often overlooked by smartphone users. Most iPhone users don't know Wi-Fi calling is an option, or what type of benefits are offered by enabling Wi-Fi calling. However, most smartphone users, iPhone users or otherwise, know what it's like to experience spotty signals or poor connections in areas where the coverage is less than ideal.

Luckily, Wi-Fi calling is a feature that can be enabled right within your iPhone settings, that allows you to use Wi-Fi to make calls and send text messages without using your cellular service in instances where you need a clearer connection or are experiencing those spotty signals. Another perk to using Wi-Fi calling is that it can actually help prevent overtaxing your battery and improve the longevity of your battery life during that particular charge cycle (and they are free!).

In this guide, I show you how to enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up!

Note: Not every iPhone user can enable Wi-Fi calling. You must have an iPhone 5c or later, and your carrier must support Wi-Fi calling. Please note that not all carriers will come with this feature regardless of what iPhone you have. Most major US carriers support Wi-Fi calling, but you may also need to call your carrier as an additional step to set up. If you do, your iPhone will alert you to contact your carrier during the enabling process.

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Open Settings

First thing's first! Let's open the Settings app so that we can get to your Wi-Fi calling settings.

Click "Cellular"

Click the "cellular" tab in settings, so that we can enable Wi-Fi calling.

Select "Wi-Fi Calling"

Next, you are going to click Wi-Fi calling. You should notice that it says "off" to the right of the Wi-Fi calling options.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling

To the right of "Wi-Fi calling on this iPhone," you will see a toggle. Click the toggle to enable Wi-Fi calling.

Click "Enable"

A notification will appear that will make sure you really want to enable Wi-Fi calling. It will let you know a bit more information about Wi-Fi calling in terms of how the connection is made for Wi-Fi calling. To continue with enabling Wi-Fi calling, click "enable."

Read the Notice

Read the notice that appears, which will give you much more information on how Wi-Fi calling works, as well as possible pitfalls. Of course, you need Wi-Fi to use Wi-Fi calling, so this is a feature you won't always have access to in all situations.

Click "Continue"

Here, you are agreeing to the limitations that come with Wi-Fi calling. To finish enabling Wi-Fi calling, click "continue."

Update Emergency Address

Done! Wi-Fi calling is on and you are almost good to go! Lastly, you will want to update your emergency address in the event of an emergency. Click "update emergency address," and enter your address into the fields given!

Voila! Enjoy this helpful little feature and avoid spotty calls!

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