How to Use the Measure App to Measure a Space

This app is way better than plain, old measuring tape!
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I just recently moved across the country. For me, this meant selling my bigger furniture items and buying new furniture after my move. There's so much thought that goes into buying new furniture. One of the biggest considerations is: does it fit in my home?

This is especially important when you are in a space you're new to that is either much larger or much smaller than your previous home. I recently went to a furniture store only to realize I wasn't sure what would and wouldn't fit in my new space. I then realized I didn't have a measuring tape to measure the wall I would want to put my new couch or entertainment center.

After a few moments of uncertainty, I realized I have an iPhone! iPhones have a handy-dandy app called Measure. It can measure spaces, frames, furniture, and more. In a previous guide, I showed you how to measure a picture frame as well as many other iPhone tips and tricks, but in this guide, I show you how to measure a wall and/or an entire room, if you need to, so that you can fit that couch you are dying to buy into your space.

Let's get started!

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Open the Measure App

First, open the Measure app. Once you open the app, make sure the black bar at the bottom has selected "measure." If you aren't sure, don't worry. It selects "measure" by default, so just make sure you don't click "level" on accident.

Let the App Adjust

Here is where the app will be scanning for furniture since it's super handy for measuring bookshelves and other furniture. Move the iPhone around just a little, so that it realizes there is no furniture in view (if there is that is okay, just do your best to measure the wall with that furniture there).

Make Your First Point

Here is where you want to be careful about accuracy. To make the first point, make sure you have a good angle and get as close to the corner of the wall as possible. You also don't want to be too far away or too close to the corner.

Once you have found a good angle and distance, point the camera at the first corner. I like to move from left to right. Click the plus sign "+" to add the first point.

Make the Final Point

Now, slowly follow the wall where it meets the floor and when you get to the final corner, hit the plus sign again. You will have a line that looks like pictured.

In my case, I want to see what size bench I can fit in front of this wall. So, I am just doing its portion of the wall.

However, if your wall has posts like mine does, and you are trying to measure the entire wall including that section, just make a point for each corner. If you are measuring the entire wall or room, you just continue turning and making points in each corner until you've captured the entire wall or room.

Check the Accuracy

Once you have gotten all the points, you will see the app measures by feet and inches. This section of my wall, for example, is three feet and two inches.

If you feel that something is off in the measurement, it may be the angle and distance from the wall while measuring that was the culprit. If so, give it another try. You can also measure straight across the middle of a wall, but I find this method more accurate.

Voila! That's it. Of course, the bigger the wall, the bigger the room, the bigger the job of measuring it. You can even measure the wall from foot to floor if you are working on a project or gallery wall.

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