How to Easily Turn Off Face ID on Your iPhone

For when you don't want to be seen...even by your iPhone.
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For many, the Face ID feature made turning their iPhones on and off much easier. It also allowed purchases to be made on the iPhone and even allowed a user to sign in to many online accounts.

But there are a whole range of reasons that others might not want Face ID to be active on their iPhones or prefer that Face ID only be active for certain things like account sign-ins:

  1. Security (particularly for use with Apple Pay)
  2. Face ID doesn't work properly
  3. The Face ID feature activates too quickly on sign-in (a very common complaint).

Whatever the reason, here are the steps to either completely turn off Face ID on your iPhone or customize how it's used.

Is it just the "Raise to Wake" feature that's bothering you?

If you're just bothered by your phone waking up every time you lift it, then you might just need to deactivate raise to wake on your iPhone—not Face ID completely.

iPhoneiPhone ×1

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iPhone Settings

Find your Settings app on your iPhone and select it.

Face ID & Passcode iPhone

Scroll down your settings to find Face ID & Passcode. Select it.

Enter your passcode iPhone

Enter your 4-digit passcode that you use to alternatively unlock your iPhone. (You'll be using this again once you deactivate Face ID.)

Face ID Options iPhone

Here you can select and deselect whether you want to use Face ID for:

  • iPhone Unlock (to unlock your iPhone from its unlock screen)
  • iTunes & App Store (for any purchases in iTunes or Apple App Store)
  • Apple Pay (if you have Apple Pay set up, you can use Face ID to pay for certain items)
  • Password Autofill (Face ID will be used to verify your identity to autofill passwords at various websites)

Choose which options you want to use Face ID and which you'd like to turn off.

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"Raise to Wake" essentially makes it so that each time you lift up your iPhone it wakes up. This makes the screen light up. For some, this is perfect and not an issue.