How to Turn Off (and On) Raise to Wake on Your iPhone

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"Raise to Wake" essentially makes it so that each time you lift up your iPhone it wakes up. This makes the screen light up.

For some, this is perfect and not an issue. Others, however, noticed that sometimes your iPhone will unlock too quickly because of facial recognition. So when you lift up your iPhone, "Raise to Wake" makes it so it unlocks fully because it sees your face. And others...well, they simply don't want it to constantly light up!

Here's how to toggle "Raise to Wake" off and on in your iPhone's iOS.

Secondary option: Turn off Face ID

Another way to stop this from happening is to completely turn off Face ID on your iPhone, though this will prevent you from unlocking your phone using Face ID at all.

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iPhone Settings

Find and open your "Settings" application in your iPhone's apps.

Display & Brightness iPhone

Scroll down and select Display & Brightness.

Raise to Wake toggle

Scroll down to find the toggle to turn "Raise to Wake" off (or on) on your iPhone.

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Recently, I've been playing a lot of Diablo Immortal on my iPhone, which means tiny dungeons and tiny gameplay. While I love mobile gaming, sometimes it can cause eye strain.