How to install Node.js on MacOS and OS X

John John (304)
5 minutes

There are plenty of reasons to install node. I first installed it because it was required for Ruby on Rails, but recently I've started making better use of it.

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You can install homebrew here: Homebrew. Homebrew seems the be the best package manager for OSX. If for some reason you can't use Homebrew skip to step 3, but it's worth installing because you'll get a lot of use out of it in the future.

Now that homebrew is installed, installing node is simple:

brew install node

Once this finishes, you can check the version to make sure it installed properly:

node --version

If you don't have homebrew or don't want to install it, you can still install node.

First, install Xcode.

Second, install git.

Then run the following:

git clone git://
cd node
sudo make install
Dayne Dayne (57)
10 minutes

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