How to register a Limited Liability Company in Florida

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Registering an LLC in Florida is one way to provide protection for your assets. If your business is a a sole proprietorship (one owner), then registering an LLC can protect only the assets owned by the LLC. However, if your business has two or more owners, then registering an LLC will protect your assets as well.

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Choose a name for your Limited Liability Company (LLC). When choosing a name, ensure that the name represents your business and that it is brandable because you may want to use this name on business cards or in marketing campaigns.

Check that the name you have chosen is available, and that there are not any other LLCs registered under that name. Go to SunBiz Business Entity Searc and type in the name you would like to use.

If the name is available, go ahead and register your company online on Check the box that says "I accept the terms of the disclaimer, " and proceed by clicking the button that says, "Add filing and pay fee."

Fill-in all the blanks and pay the filing fee of $125.00. You will receive an email from the State of Florida that confirms the formation of your LLC within 5-7 business days. If you would like to have a physical document that certifies the formation of your LLC, click on "Certificate of Status." This document can help when establishing a business bank account for your new LLC. If you select this option you will be charged an additional $5.

A Managing Member is an owner, so if there are two owners fill out information for both of the people involved.

Your registered agent is the person who the State will contact if you get sued. It cannot be a P.O. Box, because legal documents often require a signature upon delivery. Using your home address is fine, or the address of your office depending on what industry you are in. For example, if you have a medical practice then you don't exactly want to sign for a subpoena in front of patients. The registered agent can be anyone, and it is often the owner of the LLC.

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