How to Adjust Your Mac Keyboard Brightness

Adjust your Mac Keyboard Brightness in under a minute!
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If you are anything like me, you don't always work between 9 and 5. Sometimes, I get my best work done in the middle of the night with nothing but the display to light up the room.

Throughout the day, or night, I like to adjust my Mac Keyboard Brightness so that if I need more light, I can easily adjust it, allowing me to do my best work even if it's the middle of the night. On the other hand, I can save battery-life by turning down my Mac Keyboard Brightness in the day when I don't need it.

Not only is it easy to adjust your MacBook's Keyboard Brightness, but it can help you and your Mac be more efficient! When you're done adjusting your Mac Keyboard Brightness, learn how to adjust your Mac Display Brightness too.

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Unlock Your Mac

First, unlock your Mac!

Open the Control Center

Next, open the control Center in the upper right-hand corner of your Mac.

Click "Keyboard Brightness"

Now, click "Keyboard Brightness."

Slide the Toggle

Lastly, slide the toggle from left to right or until you have the perfect amount of keyboard brightness!

See if your battery needs to be replaced.
1 minute

Because your MacBook is so important for all that you do in a day, it is important to take good care of your Mac battery, monitor your Mac's battery health, and check the cycle count of your Mac's battery when to determine if your Mac needs a new battery. This might sound like a lot of maintenance, but checking your Mac's cycle count is an easy way to determine if your Mac needs a new battery, and it's actually incredibly simple. A battery's maximum cycle count is how many charge cycles your Mac can complete before the battery is no longer able to perform and will need replacing. In this guide, I show you how to check your Mac battery's cycle count and determine if your battery needs to be replaced.