How to Check the Health of Your Mac Battery

Is your Mac's battery healthy?
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Battery repairs are among some of the most common Mac repairs. This is because all lithium-ion batteries have a limited lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries, while surely chosen by Apple for their many advantages, are imperfect, as is all technology. The same can be said for any laptop, so don't worry. Battery degradation is a natural, is a normal process.

Luckily, you can easily check the health and battery capacity of your Mac battery whenever you would like. This is so that you know if you need to get it serviced, saving you time and energy. So, in this guide I show you how to check both your battery health and your battery capacity, which tells you what percentage of your battery is chargeable given the natural degradation of lithium-ion batteries.

If you have had your Mac a significant amount of time, you may also want to check your battery maximum cycle count.

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Click the Apple Logo

First, click the Apple logo in the upper left-hand corner.

Click "System Preferences"

Click "System Preferences."

Select "Battery"

Click "Battery."

Select "Battery" Again

In the left-hand column, select "Battery."

Determine Your Mac Battery Health

Here you can see your battery health, which should ideally say "Normal."

You can also see the maximum capacity of your battery, which tells you if your battery can charge to the full 100% capacity. Naturally, batteries degrade overtime, so as long as your battery is above 75%, you should not consider replacing your battery unless it has exceeded the maximum cycle count.

However, here, instead of "Normal," it may say that your Mac needs service. If it does, this means that you simply need to look into servicing your battery at Apple or an Authorized Service Provider.

See if your battery needs to be replaced.
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Because your MacBook is so important for all that you do in a day, it is important to take good care of your Mac battery, monitor your Mac's battery health, and check the cycle count of your Mac's battery when to determine if your Mac needs a new battery. This might sound like a lot of maintenance, but checking your Mac's cycle count is an easy way to determine if your Mac needs a new battery, and it's actually incredibly simple. A battery's maximum cycle count is how many charge cycles your Mac can complete before the battery is no longer able to perform and will need replacing. In this guide, I show you how to check your Mac battery's cycle count and determine if your battery needs to be replaced.