How to Replace a Tiled Window in Split View

Replace a tiled window without leaving Split View!
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Split View is one of the many great ways, along with creating multiple desktops, that Mac users can make using their Mac even easier and more efficient.

Being able to easily view the two windows or apps they need the most while using Split View makes working or studying on a Mac feel seamless. However, sometimes I find that I need to switch out or replace one of the windows or apps I have in Split View.

So, in this quick guide, I show you how to replace one of the tiled windows or apps that you are using in Split View, all without having to leave Split View. Let's get started!

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App you Want to Replace it With

First, on a separate desktop, open the window or app you'd like to use in Split View. This window or app will replace one of the windows or apps you are already using in Split View.

Put Your Mouse Over the Full-Screen Button

Now, go back to Split View, and put your mouse over the full-screen button on the app you'd like to replace. The drop-down will appear in two to three seconds. If it doesn't, move your mouse and try again.

Click "Replace Tiled Window"

Select "Replace Tiled Window."

Select the Window or App

Now, select the window or app that you would like to use in Split View.

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