How to sign a document in preview

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Rather than printing, signing, and scanning a document, you can actually save time and sign the document right in Preview.

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Open the document in Preview

If the document is a PDF, it will generally open in Preview by default. But you can ensure that you open the document in Preview by right clicking on the file, selecting Open With, and then selecting Preview.

Show the Markup Toolbar

In the Preview menu, select View and click Show Markup Toolbar.

Click the Signature icon

With the Markup Toolbar shown, find and click the Signature icon.

Click to begin making your signature

If you don't have any signatures captured, you'll see a box that says "Click Here to Begin". Naturally, you'll want to click there to begin.

As soon as you click, be prepared to use the trackpad to write your signature. You can just use your finger for this.

When you're finished, simply hit a key on the keyboard and it will record your signature.

Use your signature

To use your newly created signature, click on the Signature icon once again. Then click on your signature and it will insert your signature onto the page. Once on the page you can place it where you'd like and resize it to fit.

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