How to Use Split View on a Mac

Put your Mac windows into Split View in seconds!
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Keeping your Mac desktop organized and using multiple desktops on your Mac can be great ways to help increase your productivity, if you work or do schoolwork on your Mac. By having multiple desktops, Mac users can use several apps or windows efficiently.

However, sometimes it can be ideal to use one desktop and simply use Split View to literally split the difference between your two most essential windows or apps.

In this guide, I show you not only how to use Split View, but also how to adjust the size of the windows or apps you're using while in Split View.

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Open your Windows or Apps

First, open or locate the windows or apps that you would like to use Split View with.

In my case, I have the Notes app and Google Chrome open on my desktop.

Put Your Mouse Over the Full-Screen Button

Next, move your mouse to the full-screen button and let it stay there for a moment until the drop-down appears.

It should only take about two seconds for the drop-down to appear, so if it doesn't appear after two to three seconds, move your mouse and try again.

Tile Right or Left

Now, decide to which side of your screen you want to tile that particular app. In my case, I like to have my Notes app on the right.

So, I click on "Tile Window to Right of Screen."

Click on the Second App to Tile

You'll see that the app you originally tiled is where you wanted it to be. All you have to do now is click on the other app or window you want to tile to the other side. In my case, that is Google Chrome.

Adjust the Size of Each Window or App

Lastly, you can adjust the size of each window or app by clicking and dragging the line between them until it's where you'd like it to be.

Replace a tiled window without leaving Split View!
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Split View is one of the many great ways, along with creating multiple desktops, that Mac users can make using their Mac even easier and more efficient.