How to Take JPG Screenshots on a Mac

Before you lose years converting those PNG files to JPGs.
Michael Michael (175)
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By default, Mac computers will automatically save the screenshots you take on your computer as a .png file. Many websites and software applications prefer to have images as .jpg, however.

Previously, you would have to open the screenshot in "Preview" and export it as a JPEG file. This is time consuming and messy.

In this guide, we'll show you how to make .jpg files the default screenshot file type for your Mac.

Mac computer ×1

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Mac Terminal in Search

In either "Finder" or the Mac search bar, search for "terminal" to easily access your Mac's terminal.

Double-click to open "Terminal."

Terminal Screencapture change

Simply copy and paste the text below into your terminal, and press "enter" on your keyboard.

Save as JPG (JPEG)

defaults write type jpg

You can also change the default to other file types as well:

Save as PNG

defaults write type png

Save as TIFF

defaults write type tiff

Save as GIF

defaults write type gif

Save as PDF

defaults write type pdf
Screen Shot of Image Properties Screen

Now, by default, your screenshots will save as .jpg files!

John John (304)
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