How to Uninstall Software on Mac

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It's easy to uninstall software on a Mac. In most cases, the software is bundled into a single package. But when it isn't, the process for removal can be a little more involved. This guide covers both methods for removing software on a macOS machine.

Removing specific applications like TotalFinder are sometimes tedious and not straightforward. That said, there are some universal methods for software uninstallation that almost always work.

You can visit this guide if you need to force close an application on macOS instead of uninstalling it.

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If your software is bundled into a single file, you can remove it using the Trash bin.

  1. Make sure the program you want to remove isn't running.
  2. Select the program file.
  3. Drag the file and drop it into the Trash icon in the Dock.
  4. When you're ready, right click on the Trash icon, and click "Empty Trash" to permanently delete it.

The application you want to remove might be stored within a folder structure. These applications usually have an uninstaller.

  1. Look through the software folder until you find the uninstall script.
  2. Launch the uninstaller.
  3. When the removal process begins, follow the prompts to make sure the application is uninstalled. These prompts will vary between applications.

Another great option for removing software from your mac is AppCleaner. AppCleaner lets you remove applications simply by dragging the app icon into the AppCleaner window.

Could AppCleaner be used to uninstall itself?

John John (304)

Deleting or removing an application in macOS is very different from uninstalling a program in Windows.