How to Change Your Mac's Accent Color

Change your Mac's accent color in under a minute!
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Mac appearances are, lucky for Mac users, highly customizable. Customizing your Mac's appearance can be a fun way to make your Mac fit your style or aesthetic. Changing your Mac's accent color to your favorite color or to match your beloved background, is part of the fun of having a Mac.

But what is your Mac's accent color? Your Mac's accent color is the color that your Mac's buttons appear. Some sidebar glyphs and other features on the macOS will also appear the same color as your accent color. Your Mac's highlight color will automatically adjust to be the same as its accent color, but the highlight color can also be changed to whatever color you would like!

Now that you know what a Mac's accent color is, let's change it to your preferred color. Once you are done, learn how to change your Mac's background!

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Click the Apple Logo

First, go ahead and click the Apple logo in the upper left-hand corner.

Click "System Preferences"

Click System Preferences to bring up the General settings.

Choose "General"

Now, click General.

Select a Pre-Selected Color

Here, you can chose whatever color you like most or that matches your background best!

Learn how to also change your Mac's appearance between light, dark, or auto!

Learn to change your Mac's background!
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I love customizing my Mac, changing my Mac's wallpaper or background is a big part of that. I tend to change my Mac background with my mood, the seasons, and my ever-fluctuating interests.