How to Change Your Mac's Appearance

Change your Mac's appearance to light, dark, or auto.
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One of the great features of macOS Yosemite and later is Mac user's ability to change the default Light appearance of Macs to Dark Mode. Changing your Mac's appearance means being able to have it match your personal aesthetic, whatever that might be.

However, changing your Mac's aesthetic can also help ease eye strain, if you are going from the default Light appearance to Dark. Personally, Apple's Light appearance is too bright for my eyes, regardless of how much I adjust my iPhone or Mac brightness. So, I prefer Dark Mode, which is much easier on my eyes, especially for prolonged use.

Of course, it is important to know what the differences in your Mac's appearance will look like!

What is the difference between Light, Dark, and Auto?

  • Light- Light, will make all your windows "white" in appearance.
  • Dark- Dark will make all your windows "dark gray" or "black" in appearance.
  • Auto- Auto will allow your Mac to alternate between black and white based on the time of day and lighting.

Now that you know what to expect, follow along to change your Mac's appearance. When you're done, learn how to change your Mac's accent color.

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Click the Apple Logo

First, click the Apple logo in the upper left-hand corner.

Select "System Preferences"

Next, click System Preferences.

Click "General"

Select General to bring up the appearance selection.

Choose Between Light, Dark, and Auto

Lastly, click either Light, Dark, or Auto depending on what you prefer.

Also learn how to customize your Mac's background with our easy-to-follow guide!

Learn to change your Mac's background!
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I love customizing my Mac, changing my Mac's wallpaper or background is a big part of that. I tend to change my Mac background with my mood, the seasons, and my ever-fluctuating interests.