Transmit for Mac: How to Show Hidden (invisible) System Files

Zach Zach (249)
2 minutes

Transmit, by Panic, is my MacOS SFTP/SFTP client of choice. By default, Transmit hides hidden/invisible/system files. As a web developer, it useful to show hidden or system files by default when working with platforms such as Wordpress. For example, Transmit hides the .htaccess file by default. Here's how to show it.

If you're trying to access files outside of Transmit, check out our guide on how to show hidden system files on Mac.

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Transmit for Mac

Navigate to Applications >

Connecting to a server in Transmit for Mac

You'll need to be connected to a server to access the full View context menu mentioned below. Any server will do.

Showing hidden files in Panic for Mac

With the Transmit window active, navigate to View > Show Hidden Files. After selecting this menu item, invisible files are now shown in Transmit!

You're all done.

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