How to Brew a Splash Potion in Minecraft

Throw a potion and run!
Britt Britt (157)
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Minecraft has plenty of potions and magic to satisfy its players. However, not many really delve into potion brewing like we did. Not only can you become invisible, but there’s a way to throw potions at other players to also make them invisible (or to heal them, if that’s your thing).

Splash potions are a variant of regular potions that can be thrown! So the next time you’re fighting off a horde or want to mess with your neighbors, consider tossing some potions around.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to brewing a splash potion! If you’re interested in upgrading your splash potion to a lingering potion, check out that guide as well!

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creeper gunpowder

That’s right. You can go ham on those green guys. Just bring a shield with you. You’ll need the gunpowder that creeper’s drop in order to start brewing. Once you’ve gathered enough for your needs, move on to the next step.

brewing splash potion

These fellas are easy to brew. Simply place the gunpowder in the top ingredient slot and the normal potions you want to convert in the bottom slots.

You’ve now brewed yourself splash potions to be thrown everywhere!

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