Frog Safety and More Updates at Minecraft Now

Frogs and celebrations!
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Players are heavily anticipating the next Minecraft update: the Wild Update. Did the game just have an update? Yes. Does that stop Mojang studios? Not at all.

Rumored to release this year, the Wild Update is meant to beautify the biomes. So far, only the swamp biome has been confirmed to get an upgrade. The birch forest was featured on official art, so it’s speculated that it will also be involved.

You can read more on what’s been announced and expected for the 1.19 Wild Update in our Minecraft Live 2021 recap!

Minecraft Now is Mojang Studios’ online livestreams that shares development information, community creations, live gameplay, and a Q&A with developers. The first episode in the series was December 2021 and was streamed in person. However, due to Covid-19 concerns, Mojang skipped January’s episode in favor of switching to the cast and guests joining from their homes.

While the first episode in December 2021 focused on Caves & Cliffs: Part Two, February’s episode is all about features coming to the next update! They focused mainly on the new mob, frogs, but also shared some fun new blocks and news about Minecraft!

Read on to see what was announced and shared at February 2022’s Minecraft Now!

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minecraft new mob frogs

You can read more on what else was announced in the 1.19 Wild Update, however, the main focus of this Minecraft Now were the frogs.

Originally, the Wild Update was going to add both frogs and fireflies. However, thanks to the Minecraft community, Mojang Studios realized that having frogs eat the fireflies wasn’t a good idea. In real life, fireflies are actually poisonous to some frogs!

Instead, frogs will eat tiny slimes, slime balls, and magma cubes. While you can’t tame frogs, you can breed them, lead them, and put tadpoles into buckets. In order to get different variants of the frogs, currently the best way to get them is by bringing a bucket of tadpole to a different temperature biome and letting them grow up there.

frog lights minecraft

There’s also a new set of blocks tied to the frogs: frog lights! A new light source block, the frog light, is dropped when a frog eats a magma cube. Depending on the variant, there are three new colored light blocks in orange, green, and purple!

Axolotls keep up their brand of predator when it comes to tadpoles. Be warned, they will attack and eat tadpoles. However, once your tadpole grows to a frog, they’re safe from harm. At least from an axolotl.


1 trillion youtube views

In January, it was announced that Minecraft content on YouTube had reached over 1 trillion views. YouTube took time to celebrate and show the history of Minecraft content over the past decade, marking milestones such as multiplayer competitions and minigames, viewership and players going more global, and female Minecraft creators taking the lead!

You can view the timeline and more on YouTube’s website.

Black History Month

black history month minecraft

With February being Black History Month, Minecraft: Education Edition (MCE) features a bunch of free lessons where students can explore themes like social justice, identity, and civil rights. They’re also able to look into important moments in Black history and the present-day issues.

Offered is the Lessons in Good Trouble, a collection of eight interactive Minecraft worlds and lessons on social movements throughout history. It’s available as a free demo in MCE or through the Minecraft Marketplace.

Lunar New Year In honor of the Lunar New Year, celebrated between January and April, a free adventure map is available on the Minecraft Marketplace during 2022. In The Legend of Nezha, just as the Third Lotus Prince from Chinese folklore protects good and kindness, you’ll fight as Nezha against the evil Dragon King and put your wits to the test against the devious Stone Queen!

Between February 1 and February 7, 2022, you can also collect two free Character Creator items from Minecraft Marketplace: a free tiger mask and a free tiger sweater. There is also a load of paid skin packs and content released on the Marketplace as well!

Download the map here!

Minecraft Dungeons
festival of frost minecraft dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons hit over 15 million players!

In celebration, Minecraft Dungeons will feature the Festival of Frost until February 22. The Tower is now frost-themed, seasonal trials from the Chills and Thrills event will return, and even a free cape!

The next Minecraft Now will be on March 10, 2022, so be sure to stop by again for a recap of the next episode!

Watch the video:

Britt Britt (157)

It was at Minecraft Live 2020 that the Caves & Cliffs update was originally announced.